Our Founder


Joseph Vinci has been a hair industry professional for over eight years. His love for creativity and experimental looks started young and only expedited as he became an expert in his craft. Having had the ability to use a vast variety of hair products in his field to curate many achieved looks, he found they all lacked in fulfilling his needs and that of his clients, especially in the terms of longevity.

With not having found the right products to use and recommend, Mr. Vinci decided he would create, what he found as, the perfect solution— Vinity.

What makes these products so distinct? Just like the best foods ever made are assembled by chefs, the best produce is grown by farmers, and the best presents are personally crafted—the best hair products are located here. Vinity is comprised of hair products formulated by someone who specializes in hair and upholds a long reputation of being a master barber.

With over three years of experimenting with different ingredients, learning the chemistry behind creating the perfect formula, giving samples to clients, and getting opinions from fellow barbers/ hairstylists, he was able to bring his vision to life.

Vinity not only contains no harmful ingredients but also is composed of pure minerals and amino acids made to aid in hair repair and nourishment. Mr. Vinci also stands for remaining authentic, and having been a vegan for quite some time, has set out to make his line 100% vegan and cruelty-free. He has also maintained a promise that a portion of every sale will be donated to a local charity, whose mission is to provide safety to animals who have been abused and aid in providing preventive measures for future occurrences.

Let it be said, Joseph Vinci believes his products will make a difference and has plans to add more to his line very soon. His ultimate goal, however, is to have every customer achieve their desired styles and leave their home every day with the same feeling and confidence they find in a salon!